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Lander Rock Climbs: Sport Climbing Guidebooks
Lander Rock Climbs: Sport Climbing Guidebooks
Lander Rock Climbs 2018 by Steve Bechtel is the most up-to-date and comprehensive climbing guidebook to the crags around Lander, Wyoming. Brand new in July 2018, this guide includes 400 new routes since Lander Rock Climbs edition 2015 came out three years ago. Development on the dolomite walls around Lander continues to be rampant, which contributes immensely to the new...
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So High
So High
A slip of the foot, the fall, months and years of efforts going up in smoke. In 2015, Romain Desgranges comes within a hair's breadth of winning the Climbing World Cup. He chooses to overcome his disappointment into the Californian desert of Joshua Tree. Only surrounded by "Big boulders", he confronts his fears by climbing solo these granite blocks, some of which reach...
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