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Karst Edge Guidebook: from Northern Adriatic to Vipava valley
Karst Edge Guidebook: from Northern Adriatic to...
In March 2019, a new edition of the Karst Edge climbing guidebook has been published. This time it's even larger and richer, with additional areas of Vipava and Gorizia with crags Vipava, Vipavska Bela, Dolge Njive, Lijak and bouldering spot Vitovlje. The new guidebook now has 20 crags and over 2600 routes in Slovenia and Italy. Access information is very detailed, with over...
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So High
So High
A slip of the foot, the fall, months and years of efforts going up in smoke. In 2015, Romain Desgranges comes within a hair's breadth of winning the Climbing World Cup. He chooses to overcome his disappointment into the Californian desert of Joshua Tree. Only surrounded by "Big boulders", he confronts his fears by climbing solo these granite blocks, some of which reach...
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Pohorje: Bouldering guidebook
Pohorje: Bouldering guidebook
Pohorje bouldering: The first bouldering guidebook for Slovenia for the area around Pohorje in the northeast of the country, about 100 kilometers from Bratislava. In 2007, the first granite boulders were discovered there. The fact that in Slovenia most of the climbing is on limestone, which is not necessarily the first choice in bouldering, the authors have gone to great...
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Karst Edge: Sport Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook
Karst Edge: Sport Climbing and Bouldering...
This first edition of the Karst Edge guidebook is the perfect companion for climbing in the area in Slovenia and Italy. A total of 2000 routes in 15 crags are featured on 300 full color photo-topos. Access information is very detailed, with 30 provided maps that also include GPS coordinates. The guidebook is well structured, fully available in Slovenian and English, but all...
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