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Type Trainingboard
Material Alder wood board on steel frame
Size 70x16x6cm
Weight 7kg
App Free Download Code (5 Users)

Zlagboard.Vario: the variable board for training

This is the most variable hangboard to customize your training for climbing and bouldering

Benefit from an automatic training thanks to the combination of Zlagboard and App

The Zlagboard Vario facilitates a broad variety of training scenarios. The board allows versatile hangboard setups, like offered by climbing itself. You can adapt the grip setup to your own weaknesses or customize the holds to the requirements of your current project, in order to train more specifically. You can even mount the most common hangboards like the Beastmaker or the Moon Fingerboard onto the Vario, thus using the benefits of the automated training control and hangtime measurement.

Get the apps:
Android app on Google Play

More information: Visit our website

Scope of delivery:
  • 1 Zlagboard.Vario
  • 1 Nilo (mounting board)
  • 1 code for the activation of 5 app accounts
  • 1 silicon mount for attaching the smartphone (suitable for all sizes)
  • 2 eye-bolts for attaching additional equipment
€189.90 EUR
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