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Zlagboard (c-stock*) - Hangboard

Efficient, automatic training with Zlagboard and App

The Zlagboard is the further development of an ordinary hangboard. With its associated application, the board system enables climbers to schedule and control their training in an innovative and highly accurate manner. The device mechanism activates the sensors of a smartphone and automatically controls the training plans of the app. The training programs are designed by world class climbers and trainers, defining exercises, hang and rest times. Thanks to the precise hangtime-measurement, ambitious climbers can improve their performance and evaluate the results. The standard grip sizes and the social-media-link of the app allow the comparison and exchange with friends and climbers from all over the world. The linear, simple design makes the board an attractive piece of furniture. The first set of training plans has been designed by former world champion Patxi Usobiaga, who is the current trainer of Adam Ondra.

Patxi Usobiaga about the Zlagboard: „If until now, everything has been subjective in climbing and somehow it was impossible to objectively track one's own evolution, now the moment has arrived: technology has given us the opportunity to track and register the performance and reach our goal of climbing better.“

Get the apps:
Android app on Google Play

Scope of delivery:
  • 1 Zlagboard
  • 1 Nilo (mounting board)
  • 1 code for the activation of 5 app accounts
  • 1 silicon mount for attaching the smartphone (suitable for all sizes)
  • 3 eye-bolts for attaching additional equipment
* Products of our c-stock-category are individual pieces that no longer meet our quality standards for various reasons and are therefore no longer sold by us as A-grade products. In addition to the regular product description we separately describe the existing damage and/or defects and show a photo.
€165.00 EUR
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