Il Domani hangboard - Puc Series
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Il Domani hangboard - Puc Series

The PUC Series Il Domani is an innovative training device for climbers. The portable four-in-one hangboard is ideal for warming up for hard routes, as well as for a holistic training.

The Il Domani hangboard for climbers offers three different holds from crimps up to slopers and a durable 6 mm Tendon rope. The training device comes with an especially designed bag. Thus, it is protected when transported into camping vacation, as well as the climbing trip by plane. The hangboard is lightweight and can easily be put into the backpack. Take it with you for a holistic warm up session in boulder areas, at the climbing crag, for trad routes, as well as in the campsite with rainy weather. Warm up and safe skin for more tries in your project.

Already many worldwide known climbers use ‘Il Domani’ on their climbing trips to warm up for hard climbing and boulder projects at the rock.
€65.00 EUR
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