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Ørsta og Volda: Sport Climbing Guidebook
Ørsta og Volda: Sport Climbing Guidebook
The climbing guide presents the crags near the towns of Ørsta and Volda, two cities in western Norway. In the immediate vicinity is also the Sogn og Fjorane region, which also offers numerous climbing possibilities. Right at the beginning of the guidebook you will find a flap map, where all areas are marked. Already here it is easy to see that a large number of crags are...
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So High
So High
A slip of the foot, the fall, months and years of efforts going up in smoke. In 2015, Romain Desgranges comes within a hair's breadth of winning the Climbing World Cup. He chooses to overcome his disappointment into the Californian desert of Joshua Tree. Only surrounded by "Big boulders", he confronts his fears by climbing solo these granite blocks, some of which reach...
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Oppsal to Hellerud: Bouldering Guidebook
Oppsal to Hellerud: Bouldering Guidebook
This guidebook describes bouldering in the region of Østmarka, close to Oslo. In a total of 9 sectors you will find more than 1500 boulder problems for all levels. Every sector can be identified with a specific colour that helps you identifying the right information throughout the whole guidebook. On the first pages of the guidebook there’s plenty of general information on...
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